Cats Corner Cattery

Luxury Holiday Accommodation

Welcome To Cats Corner!

Welcome to Cats Corner Cattery, I would like to introduce you to a very big part of my family, Leon, Paul, Tiggy, Gizmo, Anthony and Tiny! Tiny being the youngest but surely rules the house!


Cats have been a big part of my family for over 20 years so the opportunity to care for more cats is simply amazing! Cats Corner Cattery is set in a tranquil location of my home, with well cared for gardens, nearly as well cared for as the cats! With easy access from Newark, Balderton and Fernwood.


You are welcome to come and view our facilities, call for an appointment on,


07811 504489 or 01636 677199




Tiggy, he's the mischievous one!

Anthony, he's Paul's brother, but totally different personality, you wouldn't tell!

Leon, he's the fluffiest!

Gizmo, happy to pose but wouldn't smile!

Tiny, she is the baby of the family! The noisiest too!

Paul, not looking amused that I am taking his picture