Marmite & Molly are quite settled in one of our suites. Marmite having the best seat in the house and Molly letting him believe he's in charge.

Daisy and Poppy, you would think Daisy was the shy one, No, she's just waiting to pounce on the scratch post! See you in the Summer you two!

Everyone needs a Ninja, even better when he's ginger! Cats Corner feel extremely privileged to have met him!


Beautiful Bella with a beautiful personalitly,

Loves her food does our Bella!! See you soon Bella, we'll have your favourite dish ready!


Kitty, well she really is the Queen of her Cat Pen! Lovely to meet you Kitty you really are a Gem!

Valentino! No words are necessary!





Aggie, on Sunday's It's Agnes, she really is a stunner! She's a squeaker too! Its quiet without you Aggie!


Well Pablo, what can I say, you love to eat! Good boy!


Cats Corner Gallery

I hope you enjoy seeing pictures of our hotel guests as much as we have enjoyed looking after them!

Our first hotel guest is Monty! Wow what a special boy Monty and we look forward to welcoming him again in May! Can't wait!

Well say hello to Super Cat, who really was super! We will see you in the Summer Super Cat, I'll have your favourite biscuits waiting!

Bob, now our youngest hotel guest to date and certainly a little charater who stole our hearts!

Lily, Beauty by name, beauty by nature!

Lily, happy to sleep the afternoon, day and night away!

Rosie, certainly is a true English Rose!

Rupert and Ralph, my party Boys!!

Frankie, Bobbie's sister!

Pippa and Pepper, Sisters! Both as beautiful as one another!

Tiggy, I know why daddy loves you!

Holly, she is Orion's sister! Totally different, half his size and ventures outside!

Bobby, having an afternoon nap!

Monty, enjoying the sun while he can!

Cheetah, surely is our little performer!

Eliza, she really is a mummy's girl! She likes music too!

Tabby, a different expression for every day!

Duke and Daisy, what a shock Duke you are sitting in front of Daisy, you normall hide behind her!

Rupert, he truly is a bear!!

Millie Moo! You are a dream!

Scampi, what a lady she is, purr-fect, she knows what she likes, and how she likes it!

Hamble and Thierry! Hamble is the one at the back and is surely in charge of Thierry! At least he knows his place!

Sooty, What a super star! I will never forget you Sooty or your friend!

This is Tigger and what an entrance he made! He arrived finally after going AWOL! Tigger, that said, you are surely the most chilled out cat I have every met!

Orion, now he's awake but he is quite happy to sleep the day away!

Poppy, don't look so worried, I'll tell mummy that you ate all the expensive biscuits!

Princess Isabella and King Jackson. Jackson knows how to treat a lady, you're suppose to take it on the chin Jackson, not round the ear!